Pre-sale offers low prices

06 february 2017, 21:27

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Pre-sale offers low prices


In my first economics class, one of the first questions the instructor asked during a little role playing experiment where he broke us up into two groups was, “Who in group B wants to pay more for these same apples than those people in group A?” Of course, no one raised their hand. His next question was, “Who in group B wants to pay less for these same apples than those people in group A?” Everyone’s hand in group B went up, of course.  Virtually everyone in the world likes to save money…..I’m sure you do as much as I.


When it comes to buying modern premium coins, saving money can mean being able to buy more coins, as just an obvious example. Because the First Coin Company is the official distributor of many mints and private coin producers, the First Coin Company can provide unmatched early buying access to the coins you want. Buying coins on early access or “pre-sale” can be a great way to:


  1. Secure better pricing
  2. Secure acquisition of very low mintage coins
  3. Secure ownership of low or specific serial numbers
  4. And finally, my favorite part, get my beautiful coins before anyone else!


I can remember early on in my coin collecting years that I would miss out on being able to buy some extraordinary modern coins because I would find out later about the release of new coins. And, were I able to find these coins I missed, in the after market (such as on eBay), I would often end up paying more than if I were to have purchased the coins earlier from a reputable coin company.


Since discovering the First Coin Company, I have never missed an opportunity to secure the ownership of the modern premium coins I want to add to my collection because the First Coin Company offers a pre-sale on many of the coins I desire to have. So not only am I happy that I can get my coins conveniently and for less money, but I can get them before my friends and colleagues get them! This allows me to show off my coins to my friends and that brings me happiness as a coin collector and coin enthusiast. Now my coin collecting friends turn to me to get my first impressions of coins they have interest in…my opinion is valued because I actually have the coins in hand before people who aren’t aware of the great benefits of buying coins early on pre-sale.


Finally, this First Coin Company web page is a great place to start to see some coins that are on pre-sale:


Happy pre-sale shopping!


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